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Ferrania is Back

FILM Ferrania is restarting production for analog film in both still photo and motion picture formats.

FILM Ferrania was officially formed in Ferrania, Italy on July 23, 2013 by co-founders Nicola Baldini and Marco Pagni with the aim to build a new factory from the leftover parts of the old one, originally founded in 1923. Through massive cooperation with the local government, FILM Ferrania currently has a facility, most of the necessary machinery and even a large stock of chemistry. With all of this, we still have an enormous task ahead of us. We aim for nothing less than fundamentally changing the way you buy, use and process film today. Most importantly, we aim to restore confidence in the future of analog film. Our philosophy is simple: We are people who love film, you are people who love film, and people have the power. So let's do this!

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